Schools of the Future

April 05, 2019

Culture can be thought of as an operating system which governs how we live our lives. Most people don’t get to experience different cultures and therefore never get to realize that each of us is the same in certain ways with unique individual capabilities.

No software is perfect, and neither is culture.

Every culture shapes us in a particular way. For example, the Indian culture is focused towards community while the European culture is leaning towards individualism. German culture is about efficiency and Spanish culture about love.

We seldom ask what’s school for? If it’s about shaping the young generation and preparing them for the future, then with the current schools we are not doing a good job.

There is already ample research showing that to lead a happy life, the most important thing is close relationships, be it friends, family or loved ones. Every culture can be also thought as a guideline on how to play this game of life, an infinite one.

Taking the best stories from each culture and developing an education program which is continuously evolving with every human interaction can provide our future generation with a strong foundation for their journey on this planet.