What's in it for you?

July 02, 2016

So the other day I went to have some roll. This guy has just moved in from Bombay and was settling-in in Bangalore. He complained a lot about how things are so expensive in Bangalore. How the guy on the other side of the road is so stupid to even rent a place for selling sugarcane juice. About how it’s difficult to survive for a person who is doing a job here and not doing any other illegal activity.

He asked me how I find Bangalore, been living here for a year and a half now. I explained to him how I like Bangalore a lot. How it has a very good running culture. He interrupted me saying ‘What’s in it for you?’ I told him how running keeps me healthy and facilitate meeting lot of other like minded people. He interrupted again saying ‘What’s in it for you financially’. Now, it’s very difficult to explain to a person that you don’t do things just for the sake of money. Sometimes you do things just for fun. sometimes for your health and other life values. I ended the conversation there itself.