Goodbye and Thank you Guitar

May 28, 2016

For my 23rd birthday, I got a Guitar with the hope that I will learn how to play. I was excited in the beginning. I searched YouTube for guitar lessons, watched how to get started and slowly began practicing. Initially, I would practice daily, but soon other things came in the way. I started my English classes for the GRE examination, due to this I was getting less and less time to practice. As the exam approached, I became more focused on the preparation of exam and less time practicing guitar. Eventually, I stopped for few months.

After my exam got over, I looked up some guitar classes nearby. Joined a guitar class so that I can practice regularly. It was going well for few months, I learned basic strumming, scales, and chords. I even learned few tunes for the songs. Unfortunately, my guitar sir met with an accident and couldn’t come for a month, during which I didn’t practice much.

Soon, I joined another guitar class in the hope that I will continue practicing. But the technique at the new class was not to my liking and after three months I left the class. Over time, the practice time reduced and eventually it stopped.

After reading few blogs posts regarding how to better practice guitar, I got a guitar stand and placed the guitar in the center of the room. You see, earlier I use to pack the guitar in its bag after practicing. this made the urge to practice next time a little less. Now since the guitar was always in front of me, I used to play regularly.

In the meantime, I developed a passion for running and cycling which required me wake up early and sleep early, eventually giving me less time to practice on my guitar.

During my guitar journey, I found a tool which will continue to help me long after I have stopped playing my guitar.

I have a little speech problem where I sometimes stutter. It happens due to my high speech rate. One speech therapist recommended that I practice my speech by speaking each word slowly and then tapping with my hand. But tapping with my hand and speaking the word did not create a rhythm. Sometimes I will tap slowly, and other times I will tap fast. At this point Metronome came to my rescue, giving a constant tap (beat) to practice my speech.

This brings me to the point that we can connect the dots by only looking backward. I will no longer be practicing guitar, but the metronome which I have discovered during my guitar journey will certainly help me in my future course and will also help me in improving my speech rate.

I can continue practicing guitar with not much hope to get better at it, or I can move on and take the positive things from it.