I Want to be a Teacher

April 16, 2016

But not a conventional one who focuses on just in case learning, like the teachers of the industrial age.

No, I want to be a teacher for today’s connection economy. I want to teach young kids —

  • The art of dreaming big.
  • How to ask interesting questions and then find answers for it.
  • Where to look, but not tell them what to find. Let them learn the art of figuring out and find immense joy after doing it.
  • Road safety rules. So when they grow up and get on the road to chase their dreams, they are not stuck due to a mishap.
  • About God, that it’s everywhere. It’s the invisible force that we cannot see but can feel it if we want to.
  • Life’s most important values. That less is actually more. And life’s most important things aren’t things at all.
  • About happiness. That it comes within and not from any external stimuli or possessions.
  • The process of habit formation. So that they can cultivate good habits and break the bad ones.
  • About stoicism. How to stay calm in a state of chaos and to get comfortable with the uncertainties of the future.
  • Not to be driven by money or happiness.

So that they can lead a meaningful life, sharing their gift with the world and adding value to other people’s lives. For when we add value to other people’s lives, they tend to share.