Understanding the VIT FFCS System

March 30, 2015

Recently I came across an ad about Vellore Institute of Technology in Reader’s Digest. It emphasized the new FFCS system which has been in effect for 4 years. The ad gives a brief idea about the Fully Flexible Credit System. Now let me breakdown this FFCS system into a bit detail.

First of all, it's not at all properly implemented in VIT. The ad says it gives students the power of choice, well this choice has not helped the students take subjects and teachers according to their wish.

The registration for any semester happens prior to that semester(about 2-3 weeks). Its spread across 3-4 days where students are allotted 2-hour slots on a random basis. Now, this is the first blow to that choice. Students with prior slots take all the good teachers and subjects, thus the students with later slots take what they can get without any much say over their choice. Now what VIT could do is increase the number of servers and lower the number of students admissions.

One of the positive thing about FFCS is the add/drop feature which can be done during the first week of any semester. During this period additional slots for any subject is opened depending upon the requirement.

Now FFCS is advertised as freedom of choice, means you should get the teachers for a subject which you have selected, but VIT people don’t seem to understand this. They replace the teacher for any subject after add/drop is over and without any prior notice. This is clearly unacceptable.

Hope, In the coming years VIT will improve its FFCS system and bring it up to an acceptable standard. Till then it's not worth both the time and money.